Five Reasons to Buy Organic Cherries From Us

Life is a bowl full of dark sweet organic cherries!

Five reasons to buy organic cherries from Chelan Ranch Organics include access to local and fresh, support for the local economy, environmental considerations, direct connection with the farmer, and community engagement.

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Is Organic Fruit Really Worth the Extra Cost?

We think organic fruit really is worth the extra cost because of the flavor and peace of mind. However, choosing to pay more for organic is personal for every shopper. The value of organic fruit depends on several factors, such as personal health concerns, environmental impact, and budget.

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Pesticides in Produce

What Are Pesticides?

Pesticides are chemicals used to control pests, including insects, weeds, and fungi, that can damage crops and reduce yields. While pesticides can benefit food production, they can also threaten human health and the environment.

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Why are Blueberries Purple, Not Blue?

A cluster of blueberries in varying stages of colors/ripeness
Blueberries’ Actual Color

While blueberries are commonly referred to as “blue,” their actual color is a deep purple. The reason they appear blue is due to the unique way in which our eyes perceive color.

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George and Cherries

George Washington (1731-1799) on engraving from the 1800s. First President of the U.S.A. during 1789-1797 and commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War during 1775-1783. He was considered as Father of his country.

Besides chopping down a cherry tree and not telling a lie, our first president did like cherries.

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