Apple-Picking 101: Answering Your Most Common Questions

apple picking 101

Apple picking 101 because it’s that time of year! Autumn is a time that brings about many cherished traditions, and one that stands out for its wholesome, family-friendly appeal is apple picking. With orchards full of ripe, juicy apples, it’s no wonder people look forward to venturing out to pick their own every year; it’s an experience that allows you to connect with nature in a delightful outdoor activity. But before you head to your local orchard, you may have a few questions about the apple-picking experience. We’re here at Chelan Ranch Organics to answer the most common ones!

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🍏🍎 Exciting News: SweeTango Apples at Chelan Ranch Organics! 🍎🍏

SweeTango Apples – Chelan Ranch Organics

Are you ready for a crisp, juicy, and delightful apple experience? Look no further! SweeTango apples are at Chelan Ranch Organics. We’re thrilled to announce that our long-awaited SweeTango apples are ripe and available online and at our Farm Stand and U-pick farm. Prepare to savor the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess in every bite.

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Chelan Ranch Open House Recap

Blueberries, Ice Cream, and Fun Galore!

The Chelan Ranch Open House was a lovely and memorable event that left a lasting impression. The experience featured Upick blueberries, delectable ice cream with various fruit toppings, engaging lawn games, a live musical performance by Mac Potts, and delightful gifts. This event seamlessly combined the beauty of nature with a celebration of good food, entertainment, and community.

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Open House at Chelan Ranch Organics

We’re busy preparing for our on-the-ranch celebration Saturday morning this week. Our team is working hard to make the event an exceptional agrarian experience with fresh farm flavors. Bring the whole family for a morning of laughter and connection! We have so much to share with visitors about what’s going on at the ranch!

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The ‘blue’ in blueberries can help lower blood pressure

Anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid, are water-soluble pigments responsible for the vibrant blue colors of blueberries. These compounds have been the subject of scientific research due to their potential health benefits, including their role in blood pressure regulation. While the exact mechanisms are not fully understood, there are several ways anthocyanins, the blue in blueberries, can help lower blood pressure:

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How to U-pick Blueberries at Chelan Ranch

All ages enjoy the blueberry U-pick at Chelan Ranch.

Blueberry U-pick at Chelan Ranch is happening. Harvesting our blueberries is an enjoyable family experience because of the “big” factor! We grow organic blueberries big, so picking is fun and easy. The bushes are big, so plenty of berries are everywhere for all ages. And the view, while you pick, is big, so you can enjoy an expansive vista of the lake and mountains while you pick. Follow these three steps for a successful harvest:

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Blueberries: 6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Blueberries, six things you probably didn’t know. Besides their sweet, slightly tangy flavor, blue color, and summertime abundance, there are six new reasons to love them – brain boosting, heart healthy, reduced inflammation, support gut health, versatile ingredient, and not a true berry. When we describe the fruit we grow at Chelan Ranch, blueberries cause the most excitement.

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Apeel On Organic Fruit

Organic fruits and vegetables that may or may not have an Edipeel coating

Apeel is not on our organic fruit! What the heck is Apeel? Since we grow and sell organic fruit, this is an important question. And it’s a question in many conversations lately, so let’s dive in!

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