Our farm carries several local and national certifications for our products. To learn more about these certifications and the process behind them, continue reading below.

USDA Organic

The USDA organic label means that our fruit is grown and processed according to federal guidelines mandating soil quality, pest and weed control and use of additives. We rely on natural substances and farming methods that utilize physical, mechanical, or biologically based practices to the fullest extent. We do not use prohibited materials such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and none of our fruit is grown or handled using genetically modified organisms. 

To learn more about what the USDA Organic label means, click here.

Salmon Safe

The Salmon Safe ecolabel on our fruit packaging is the result of peer-reviewed certification and accreditation. This ecolabel means that our farming and land management practices promote the thriving of Pacific Salmon in our West Coast watersheds. The six primary areas for inspection of our farm include: 

  1. Riparian area management
  2. Water use management
  3. Erosion and sediment control
  4. Integrated Pest Management and water quality protection
  5. Animal management
  6. Biodiversity conservation

Our fruit tastes so much better, knowing that we take efforts to care about our West Coast watersheds.

SQF (Safe Quality Foods)

This label represents Safe Quality Foods which is a food safety certification recognized by approximately 400 retailers and manufacturers worldwide in a global network called GFSI, Global Food Safety Initiative.

With this certification, we have proven that our fruit has been handled from farm to fork according to the highest possible standards. Our farm is audited and certified by a third-party certification body, Eagle Certification Group .