Critical Temperatures for Blossom Buds

Cherry Buds & Wind Machines

According to the dark sweet cherry buds at our Gilbert Orchard, the cherry crop is at the green side stage and moving into the green tip stage. The development of the cherry buds correlates with a Critical Termpertures for Blossom Buds temperature chart from WSU.

We frequently consult this chart throughout the spring to know the minimum temperatures tolerated at each bud’s stage level. Our horticulture specialist, Phil, is checking all trees every day to keep track of the progress.

Frost Season Begins

This is a picture from a couple of years ago that shows a couple of our wind machines. Based on Phil’s assessment of the bud stage, Gerardo will set the thermostat on the wind machines to come on if the temperature dips to 24° – 25°. Hopefully, if temperatures drop that low, we’ll have a temperature inversion. On nights with an inversion, the wind machine can mix the warmer air from the upper portions of the inversion layer with the colder air near the ground. The mixing of air raises air temperatures around the trees by a few degrees. The warmer air achieved by the wind machines will keep the cherry buds alive.