Cherry Varieties from Bing to Rainier, plus two more.

Rainier cherries almost ready for harvest!

You asked! Here are some cherry varieties, ranging from Bing to Rainier, plus two more: Bing, Lambert, Royal Ann, Rainier, Sweetheart, and Skeena. Based on their color, flavor and texture, what is your favorite?

1. Bing:

Bing cherries are one of the most popular sweet cherries. They have deep red to dark purple skin and firm, juicy flesh. Bing cherries are delicious and fresh with their rich, sweet flavor.

2. Lambert:

Lambert cherries are large, dark red cherries with a slightly tart flavor. They have a firm texture and are great for eating fresh or using in baked goods.

3. Royal Ann:

Royal Ann cherries, or Napoleon or Queen Anne, are light yellow with a red blush. They have a sweet, delicate flavor, making lovely maraschino cherries and preserves.

4. Rainier:

Beautiful, Rainier cherries have exceptional sweetness. They have yellow to golden skin, a red blush, and creamy, tender flesh. Rainier cherries are known for their low acidity and are often enjoyed fresh. (We grow Rainiers!)

5. Sweetheart:

Sweetheart cherries are known for their large size, dark red color, and sweetness. Due to their desirable taste and appearance, people enjoy them as a standalone snack. (We grow Sweethearts!)

6. Skeena:

Skeena cherries have a firm and juicy texture, balanced sweetness, and a hint of tartness. The dark color of Skeena cherries indicates their high sugar content. (We grow Skeena cherries, and they’re my favorites!)

These are just a few examples of cherry varieties; many more are available. Each type has unique flavor, color, and texture characteristics, so you can explore and find the ones that best suit your taste preferences. Study up because cherry season is right around the corner. Shopping for cherries is easier when you know what you like. Let me know your favorite!