Apeel On Organic Fruit

Organic fruits and vegetables that may or may not have an Edipeel coating

Apeel is not on our organic fruit! What the heck is Apeel? Since we grow and sell organic fruit, this is an important question. And it’s a question in many conversations lately, so let’s dive in!


Apeel Sciences is a company with a food additive product called Edipeel, also nicknamed Edipeel, Invisapeel. According to their website, “it is a thin, edible post-harvest coating manufactured from plant-derived materials, designed to be consumed, that meets the FDA requirements for qualification as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) in the US.” Companies can apply Edipeel on fresh organic or conventional fruits and vegetables to extend the shelf life by slowing moisture loss and reducing oxidation.


Equally important, Edipeel is a mixture of monoacylglycerides derived from grape seed oil. The manufacturing involves processing aids, Ethyl acetate, Heptane, catalyst, and neutralizing agents. So what are the residuals of the chemicals in this process of manufacturing? Disturbingly, the primary source of consumer exposure to the resulting monoacylglycerides after manufacturing Apeel products will be raw fruit with edible peels (RFEP). RFEPs would include apples, cherries, and blueberries – all fruit we grow, so NO THANKS!

Big Companies Benefit

Of course, big companies benefit from fresh produce with an extended shelf life and less spoilage. Some retailers participating in Apeel-treated produce can be found on Apeel’s website. And one of the most frustrating aspects of Apeel is the need for consistent labeling of foods coated with its product, Edipeel. Since Edipeel is invisible and difficult to wash off, how do you know if you’re eating it? Without a store’s transparency or a label, Edipeel becomes a secret ingredient. 

No to Edipeel

Some people like us at Chelan Ranch Organics prioritize natural or minimal processing methods and prefer our produce to remain uncoated, as we believe it aligns better with our principles of organic farming and food production. To avoid Apeel, look for small family farms with organic, unadulterated fruits and vegetables like ours. We don’t use Apeel coating on our fruit at Chelan Ranch Organics.